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adhesive thermometers

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adhesive thermometers
adhesive thermometers


It does not use batteries to work or mercury. Inside it has a minimum useful life of 10 years. The current temperature is when the number turns green



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As the name suggests, thermometers for calendars have been designed mainly to be included in advertising calendars or other advertising materials. The size and horizontal position make them perfect to be stuck to promotional desk calendars and become an added value for the advertising item.

The presence of an environmental thermometer inside a promotional product is very useful as the customer keeps the product for a long time and puts more attention.  In this way the lifespan of the gadget and its impact is extended.

In any case, adhesive thermometers for calendars are not only used in the context of advertising and gadgets. Being a temperature indicator, its quality is the same of other models of the range and can be used in any sector, ranging from applications in hospitals, pharmacies and offices to uses in labs or food industry.

thermometers for calendars

adhesive thermometers

Adhesive thermometers for calendars are reversible temperature labels. They are manufactured with LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology. This technology is based on a special material changing its colour by the temperature.

These thermometers for calendars display the real temperature by a colour change. The green colour lights the figure corresponding to the temperature detected.

The colour change occurs by a 3 colour sequence:

  • Blue: slightly below the marked temperature
  • Green: the indicated temperature
  • Brown / Red: slightly above the marked temperature

These thermometers are horizontal and due to the size and temperature range (12-32°C), they are particularly suitable for calendars and in the advertising field. 

You just have to stick them to any surface to easily detect and read the temperature. Flexible, they can be also stick to curved surfaces.

Thermometers for calendars are available in just one range with the following temperatures:

Temperature points in ºC: 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32ºC

The Stress Sensor is placed on a support, such as a calendar, sticker, ruler, bookmark, fridge magnet or whatever comes to mind.

The stress sensor is an adhesive label about 2 centimeters (measured according to current manufacture) that changes color when pressed with your finger for 10 seconds. In this way you can make games, tests,



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CURRENT SAMPLES. energy control

STRESS SENSOR. Application Examples

NOVELTY. Adhesive thermometers on coated paper. Limited Stock

adhesive thermometers
times the temperature is consulted per day +-

prevent your calendar from going to the trash

You can't put 10 calendars on a table. You will always choose 1. The one you like the most. That's why you will always choose the one with a thermometer, right?

thermometers for calendars

adhesive thermometers

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